The two core values of the InnoPan team are quality and speed. Our production line is unique in all Europe, and our young and dynamic team together allow us to adhere to these principles. We believe that nothing but accurate and precise work can lead us to achieve our goals. In the course of our work, we constantly strive towards making the PIR insulation material of the future available to everyone.


A contemporary insulation material that offers a solution to the challenges of the future. It can be the best choice for the insulation of pitched or flat roofs, floors and window frames. With the help of the InnoPan PIR thermal insulation system maximum performance can be achieved with a minimal thickness. Its ideal thermal insulation ability (0,022W/mK) contributes to the set up of a comfortable home.


Our company was founded in 2015 by competent and experienced professionals. The production of InnoPan thermal insulation boards started at Tapolca with our first-class production line producing two standard sizes and facings, however the production of custom sizes is also possible. We set our goal to make an innovative and high-quality insulation material available to everyone. PIR panel thermal insulation boards offer a solution to the increasingly stricter energy consumption regulations, while at the same time possessing significant advantages compared to other competing products. Our duty is to provide as many people as possible with the thermal insulation system of the future, ensuring the best quality and fastest execution. In this spirit, our colleagues are available to provide professional advice, as well as slope calculation. We continuously monitor market needs, therefore our product range already offers additional materials necessary for pitched roof insulation. Our references are augmented by the thermal insulation of structural elements in industrial halls, family homes and condominiums throughout the country.