InnoPan PIR panel

All insulation materials are different, but each and every one of them has to conform to some general thermal insulation properties. Vapor permeability, water absorption, compressive strength and last but not least, fire resistance are all fundamental to the performance of an insulation material. InnoPan PIR performs outstandingly in all of these properties, thus becoming essential for making a comfortable home. Our thermal insulation boards are produced in two standard sizes (1200*600, 2400*1200) and two different facings (aluminium and glass veil), moreover they are available with both straight or rabbet edge finishing.

Aluminum laminated panels (ALU/Therm)

PIR panels equipped with an aluminum facing can greatly improve the thermal insulation value of a residential house. Installed in a roofing, the outer layer of aluminium can reflect a substantial amount of sunshine, while the inner layer is responsible for preserving heat in the building during winter. This contributes to a thermal bridge free design, while also preventing moisture from entering to the walls with its vapor barrier qualities.

The thermal conductivity value of our aluminum laminated product: 0,22 W/mK.

Declaration of Performance

Glass veil laminated panels (MF/Therm)

Our glass veil laminated PIR panels possess equally favorable performance values and represent a cheaper alternative to the aluminium laminated ones. It can be a suitable choice for the insulation of plinths and window frames, moreover, thanks to its ideal compressive strength it can be a potential choice for flat roof insulation. In such cases, our expert colleagues are available to deliver slope formation calculations to our clients.

The thermal conductivity value of our glass veil laminated product: 0,24 W/mK.

Declaration of Performance

Ways of use

InnoPan PIR thermal insulation systems can be successfully and cost-effectively used in several parts of family or industrial buildings and condominiums. Whether it is a flat or pitched roof, a garage ceiling, terrace or floor insulation, the ALU- and MF/Therm panels stand their ground without a doubt.

Thermal insulation of pitched roofs

InnoPan PIR is an ideal choice when building a new roof or renovating an old one. Thanks to its large board size it serves as an excellent insulation for our home, regardless of the angle of inclination or rafter layout. With an outstanding efficiency (λd = 0,022 W/mK) it ensures the houses’ thermal protection in winter and summer, furthermore, its versatile adaptability (under or over rafters) proves helpful in the construction of the thermal insulation system. For the insulation of pitched roofs we also distribute additional products.

Thermal insulation of floor, terrace and garage ceiling

When insulating balconies and terraces, the thermal requirements regarding flat roofs are to be followed. Another aspect not to be underestimated is the fact that with our PIR product, only a minimal rise in the floor level can be achieved, since the heat transfer coefficient that is in accordance with the regulations can be met with minimal construction heights. Thanks to the aluminum facing on both sides it is an ideal choice to supplement underfloor heating systems. From family homes to industrial halls, it is the perfect solution for floor insulation, and it performs exceptionally as thermal insulation for window frames.

Thermal insulation of flat roofs

Thermal insulation plays a key role in saving energy. The requirements to reduce energy demand related to heating and cooling are increasing. Taking into consideration its thermal conductivity factor, the InnoPan PIR is among the most efficient insulation products, which allows the use of much thinner boards, in contrast with most traditional boards or other solutions.